Meet the Team 

Pastor Scott Dove,

Senior Pastor

Pastor Scott moves in a strong apostolic anointing. He has founded this church on Isaiah 56:7… that My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations…as he believes that nothing God does happens apart from the prayers of His people. His commitment to spreading the Gospel includes preaching, writing, a Bible College, and plans for a Christian school and daycare.

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Pastor Doneta Warren, Associate Pastor

Pastor Doneta has been a pioneer for the Lord as a Bible teacher, and a founder of Living Waters Church.  She has planted a  church and a Bible College  in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a mother in the Lord to many…and was Pastor Scott’s pastor at Living Waters when he was a youth pastor.  She continues to be a support and guide to many as she lives to make Christ known.  She has a strong evangelistic anointing and spends much time exhorting others to share their faith with those around them.

Pastor Ernie Cotrell,

Associate Pastor

Pastor Ernie was the founding pastor of Kingdom Training Ministry with his late wife Bonnie Cotrell. He has a great ability to build up the Body as a teache
r of the Word. Prayer has been his passion as he has led various pastor’s prayer groups and was a National Day of Prayer Coordinator in Lima for several years. Pastor Ernie also has a strong prophetic anointing that the Lord uses to encourage and exhort.