“Ministry”…The act of serving;  to attend to comforts, needs, or wants; to be helpful, to give aid, to contribute; to assist.


As a church family we endeavor to meet the practical, the spiritual, and the emotional needs of one another in ways that Jesus modeled when He was in the days of His ministry.  We offer a variety to serve the needs of the people.


Pastoral Care

Find out more about our various ministries for adults and families, including counseling, benevolence, bereavement, workshops,  baby dedication, and water baptism.

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Men’s & Women

Throughout the year men and women meet for special occasians of fun, fellowship, Bible studies, and road trips.  Email us if you would like to be contacted when these events are planned.

Children’s Church

In order to give our children the best Bible teaching possible, Firm Foundation holds a children’s church service in conjunction with the main service. This special time gives kids more opportunity for interaction and learning in a context and manner that may be better suited to their age and learning styles. Our friendly children’s church volunteers have an endless stream of creativity–ranging from puppet shows, to games, to object lessons.  

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Prayer Ministry

 There is a place for everyone in prayer.  Opportunities include  Saturday morning corporate prayer times, the FirstFruits prayer offering the first weekend in Jan, prayer conferences,  prayer teams, prayer classes and more.  Emergency prayer requests are texted to prayer warriors within minutes of the notice allowing immediate prayer coverage in emergencies.  Everything in the church is made powerful and effective by prayer…
touching God’s heart… appropriating His power.  

“Connect” Young Adult Ministry

Life can get complicated once you cross that threshold into adulthood. There are complicated decisions. Bigger stakes. Serious relationships. And a whole lot more decisions. The young adult group of Firm Foundation provides a welcoming atmosphere for college and early-career aged young people.


“The Effect” Youth

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