Bible College

Bible College

The Vision —the mass training of laborers for Christ to use in His end time harvest.

The greatest threat to the devil  is the multiplication growth of the church. That growth is dependent upon the Church doing its part in five specific areas .  They are the Word, Discipleship, Leadership, Anointing, and Church planting.  The International Curriculum helps facilitate multiplication growth in all five areas. The International Curriculum has no denominational connection or ministerial association. It has been developed as a tool for the entire body of Christ so that Daniel 1:32-33 may be fulfilled.

The people who know their God will be strong and carry out great exploits.  And those of the people  who understand shall instruct many.

The Plan—Prepare Ministers

World renowned spiritual leaders teach on video in their area of expertise.  In addition to these outstanding classes, Pastor Dove will teach pertinent ministerial topics. A field trip to a funeral home for a tour and discussion gives valuable insight on how to minister to those suffering grief.  Hands on baptism service allows students additional experience.

The International School of Ministry desires to train ministers—not just share information.  Students are not just “going to be” ministers at graduation but are ministers now.  In light of this we encourage students to be faithfully attending and serving in their local church.  We seek to invest in those who will invest in others.

The Program — How It Works

The International School of Ministry has been translated into many languages and   is used in countries world-wide.  The video school used here at Firm Foundation is the “Express” version.  Typically, the teacher will teach in English while an interpreter translates into the chosen  language.  The Express version takes out all translation time…making this curriculum effective, as well as time-efficient.

Three subjects are taught each class night, with time for group discussion.  The dean of the school will teach, guide, and advise in this small group format—which allows for individual attention within this ministry training curriculum.  Classes are less than three hours and make the International School  of Ministry one of the easiest to fit around a working schedule.

The Options —The Rewards

· Certificate
  Students completing the first three trimesters will be awarded the Certificate of Biblical Studies with the International School of Ministry.
· Diploma
      Students completing five trimesters will be awarded the Diploma of Biblical Studies  from the International School of Ministry. ISOM is part of Good Shepherd Ministries International —their mission —  “Mobilize to Multiply”.
  · Associate Degree Christian Leadership University 
  ISOM has partnered with Christian Leadership University to offer the students graduating  from all 5 trimesters an associate degree in pastoral studies.  Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral  degrees available in Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Divinity, Missions & Evangelism, Worship Ministry , Youth Ministry and others.