Mission: Honduras

Pastor Dove partners with Mother Eleanor Cooper, director of Gospel Crusade of Honduras in pastor’s conferences, youth crusades, and missions to the remote mountain areas.   Honduras has found a place in the heart of Firm Foundation.

Gospel Crusade, based in La Ceiba, was started over 40 years ago on the island of Roatan and now has approximately 200 churches in different communities of Honduras.They host feeding kitches at the gargage dump in La Ceiba where more than 300 children are fed in addition to many other children and elderly in El Pina, Yorita, Limon, and other cities.

Young girls from the mountain areas stay at Shalom Girl’s Dorm, sheltered from the abuse of roaming gangs.
They host educational programs in Yoro, Roatan, and El Progresso, among others.  They also teach woodworking and sewing in vocational classes.  Medical and groups come, visiting many areas every year.
Gospel Crusade has installed twenty five water purifiers in different communities.
It is a blessing to be a part of this continuing work!