Mission India 

Pastor Dove led a ministry team to India, partnering with Pastor Mohan and his fellowship of pastors, holding crusades in the Hyderabad area as well as Visakhapatnam in Southern India. The spiritual hunger was evident as thousands came to Christ.  Pastor Mohan took the team to visit some of the village churches, a church the Hindu’s had destroyed near the tsunami ravaged coastal area, and to the campus where the school, orphanage, and widows home is located.  A pastor’s conference ministered to many pastors and an ISOM Bible College was planted with Pastor Mohan in the Indian language,Telugu.  God is doing a great work in India!
Pastor.M. Mohan Rao        Christ’s Care & Cure Ministry… Making Ready A People Prepared For the Lord
Christ’s Care & Cure Ministry is nonprofit organization that serves the poor and needy community in rural and remote slum areas in India. CCCM has a huge passion and a specific God-given vision and strategy to serve the people that are under the poverty line and in desperate need of help for their spiritual and medical well being.
CCCM has a monthly schedule to mobilize gospel teams to different rural and remote villages and slum areas to preach the gospel to the unreached people. CCCM brings teams into the Villages to do door to door Evangelism.

CCCM frequently conducts free medical camps in rural remote villages and slums where there is no medical attention for poor and needy communities. In these free medical camps CCCM facilitates quality medical treatment and distributes medicines free of cost. CCCM has special awareness programs for the people that suffer from HIV, typhoid, malaria, leprosy etc,. CCCM provides free ambulance service for the villages.


God enabled the CCCM to construct and complete 10 different Churches in 10 different villages and in different community groups where the work of the kingdom of God is established through Gospel Camps. By the grace of God CCCM has been preaching Gospel in rural villages and different towns, planting churches where there are no churches, and helping  to construct church buildings. These church buildings are huge blessings for the people of  those particular areas to worship the Lord.


CCCM has established the Peace center located at Majji Valasa Village in Bheemuni Patnam mandal, VISAKHA PATNAM (DT) A.P, INDIA.

The Peace Center, also known as CCCM Campus, blesses 25 surrounding villages. It consists of an orphanage which provides food & accommodation for orphan children and Shalom English Medium School providing quality education for these orphan children and for children from the area poor. There is also a widow’s  and old age home and a Medical Clinic which provides medical attention for the poor people from these nearby villages, as well as free ambulance service. The Peace Center also consists of a Bible School (Discipleship Training Center) which provides free training in the word for those that are called to ministry. This Discipleship Training Center equips leaders to extend the kingdom of God. All the students are provided free food and accommodation for the  12 month duration of their course.


CCCM Church is located in the campus which has been established for winning souls from these 25 unreached villagessurrounding the Peace Center.  The Church offers Gospel camps in these villages to make the Lord known to these precious people.


Pastor M.Mohan Rao was born in 1958 in an Orthodox Hindu family in Tagarapuvalasa Village, A.P, South India. He lived as a drug addict, and has been an alcoholic to the core. His association with vicious groups made his life miserable like the prodigal son in the Bible. The Grace of God saved his parents though he continued to be a prodigal. One particular night when he was in a deadly situation he heard the voice of God asking him to give up that wretched life. This confrontation with Christ transformed his life and made him an incredible servant of God. God gave him Swarajya Lakshmi , a godly woman as a wife and now she is behind him in achieving great goals for the Almighty. God blessed them with a beautiful daughter Swarupa Rani.


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