Living Waters Church of Nepal 

Pastor Doneta with the Prince
Pastor Doneta planted a church outside Kathmandu in 1997, which is still a thriving church today.  It is under the care of Pastor Bhuban in Bonapa.
Living Waters of Nepal has a passion to reach their country and beyond with the Gospel.  They minister to the police and military in small groups.  They furnish supplies for village schools that then commit to teaching about Jesus.  Periodically, crusades are held with hundreds coming to Christ.
They are actively involved in a women and children’s sanctuary, providing food and a place to stay to those with nowhere else to turn.
In 2005 Pastor Doneta planted a Bible College in Nepal, graduating its first class of ministers in 2006. Buses are the principle transportation of the area so Bible College graduates take the buses into areas of Kathmandu as well as the villages with tracts, distributing and witnessing.  
Living Waters made hundreds of gospel tapes, sending them secretly into the closed country of Bhutan.
In a country as volatile as Nepal has become Living Waters is a powerful tool for the message of Jesus Christ!
Nepali Woman
Living Waters ministers in the orphanages of the area and enjoys great favor with the schools – so that they are allowed to come do skits and assemblies for the students.
First International School of Ministry Class