New to FFCC?

When visiting here at the Firm I hope you felt right at home.  We endeavor to treat you and your family as honored guests and will help you find just the right elements to 
meet the needs of your family.   Visiting a new church can be intimidating to any first time visitor but we have designed the program to take those “fear factors” away.  We want you and your family to enjoy Gods’ presence and His people.  Stop by the coffee bar and feel free to enjoy the refresh

If you have children they are welcome to enjoy the  children’s ministry or remain with you, whatever is more comfortable.  In your information pack will be directions  to the appropriate classrooms.  You can expect us to ask if you would like us to take you to the classrooms and show you around.  Part of being able to enjoy the service is knowing your children will be enjoying their service too.

I hope to see you at one of our services soon and allow us to serve you.

                               Sincerely, Pastor Scott  Dove